Sandra Çavdar

Sandra Cavdar believes that the difference between reality and the truth can be perceived using abstract thinking. She says that it is necessary to separate her inner world from the external world which liberates her to create her own outcomes.

Cavdar’s paintings present an opposing narrative to the sorrow that emotional displacement has caused her. 

In the imaginary landscapes that she creates, some silently disappear as though they have been subjected to erasure. They then emerge in front of us as an indication that the human mind processes experiences that it does not know how to define. 

She was born in Istanbul in 1966. 

She graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty Stage and Costume Design Department of Mimar Sinan University in 1989.

She worked many years in the field of theater decoration and costume design.

She currently lives and works in Istanbul. 


2017, AH! - Pg Art Gallery

2017, Pictures of Nothing - Pg Art Gallery

2017, Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair - Pg Art Gallery

2018, Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair - Pg Art Gallery

2018, Indreams - Ekavart Gallery

Sandra Çavdar
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