Rengin Altınalmaz

Altinalmaz is interested in expressing what she sees, perceives, and feels by translating her experiences into both abstract and physical forms. She plays with the boundaries between human beings, nature and the city that she lives in.

The artist uses the multidisciplinary tools that she was taught throughout her education. She uses a wide range of expression in her work, including different mediums from painting to ceramics, and from digital works to three-dimensional installations. 

She was born in Eskisehir in 1966.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Graphic Design Department of the Faculty of Fine Art at Marmara University in 1989.

She completed her Master’s Degree in the Plastic Arts Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Yeditepe University.

She started her qualification in art education in 2013.

She currently lives and works in Istanbul. 


  • June 2012, Time at Yeditepe 1 - Ekavart Gallery

  • October 2012, Mylos Art Gallery, Thessaloniki

  • June 2012, Time at Yeditepe 2 - Ekavart Gallery

  • December2014, New Year Group Exhibition- Cagla Cabaoglu Gallery

  • July 2015 Dynamo 2 - Izmir Efes Swissotel

  • May 2015, Summer Group Exhibition - Cagla Cabaoglu Gallery

  • December 2015, New Works - Cagla Cabaoglu Gallery

  • November 2016, "Futurelessness" - Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts

  • August 2016, “Grid” - Mixer Gallery

  • August 2016, “Contemporary Stories 2”- 42 Maslak Art Space Gallery

  • October 2016, “There”- Mixer Gallery, Nazim Hikmet Cultural Center, Bursa

  • November 2016, “Cabinet of Curiousities from Istanbul” , Cagla Cabaoglu Gallery, Scope Miami

  • February 2017, “Cabinet of Curiousities from Istanbul” , Cagla Cabaoglu Gallery, Scope New Yor

  • November 2018, “Fragile” Solo Exhibition - Buyukdere35

  • January 2019, “From Artist to Artist” - Buyukdere35

  • April 2019, Step Istanbul Contemporary Art in TomTom Suite, Galeri Bu

  • April2019, Step Istanbul Contemporary Art in TomTom Suite, Büyükdere35

  • June 2019, All in One ‘01 - Galeri Bu Pavilion

  • September 2019, Group Exhibition - ONEARC Gallery

Rengin Altınalmaz
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