Karen Kuo

In her paintings, Karen Kuo works through metaphysical questions relating to personal faith, a search seen in her staging of scenes that appear at once uninhhabited, silent and tranquil. Her recent work features the perspective of a traveler who observes the World with close attention to transitional spaces including train rides, hallways, rooftops and airport terminals.

The symbiotic, yet at times inevitably volatile, relationship between manmade and natural structures is a reccuring idea in Kuo’s work.

Within her painting ‘Portal : To Kneel and Kiss the Earth’ , Nature is an all encompassing force that sweeps over the landscape in waves: its mightly currents form a veil that obscures our perception of what what is tangibly real.

What do you except to see when you peer into a window.

What can you discern through panes of frosted glass?

Here’s a young painter developing a range of visual vocabulary to explore light as a metaphor for illumination and geometry as a symbolic representatiton of the eternal.

Group Exhibitions
Painting Senior Show, Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence RI
2015 Dull Drawers (Thesis exhibition), Memorial Hall,
Providence RI
2015 Five Meters, Project Space, Providence RI
2014 RISD in Rome and 8 Italian artists, Piazza dei Cenci,
Rome Italy
2014 Spazi Aperti, Accademia di Romania, Rome Italy
2013 Complexity, Gelman Gallery, Providence RI
2013 Subliminal Spaces, Project Space, Providence RI
2013 Clerestory Brown/RISD group exhibition, Brown University, Providence RI
2012 Foundation Studies Triennial, Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence RI
2011 Scholastics Awards Exhibit, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena CA

Curatorial Experiences
Circolo dei Artisti exhibit, Rome Italy
2014 RISD in Rome and 8 Italian artists, Piazza dei Cenci, Rome Italy

2011 - 2015
 Dean’s List
2011 RISD Scholastics Awards Scholarship
2011 National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Silver Key Portfolio

Karen Kuo
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